Reserve Your C-1

- Fall In Love All Over Again -

Pre-order your C-1 with a deposit of $250US.

Reserve one of the first 200 with a deposit of $1000 USD,

or one of the next 300 with a deposit of $500 USD.

Please fill out the information below:
  • + Where is my money going?
    Answer: Your money is going into a holding account, where it will be held until such time that the vehicles are ready, when it will then be applied to the total cost of the vehicle.
  • + If I change my mind, do I get a refund?
    Answer: Absolutely! We will give you a full refund, minus a 15% processing fee. Expect the refund in 10-15 business days.
  • + Do I need a motorcycle license to drive a C-1?
    Answer: For the time being, yes. But fear not, you will be able to take your motorcycle driving test in a C-1.
  • + What is the range of the C-1?
    Answer: Depending on the size of the battery pack you will be able to select, you will have a range of 150-220 miles per charge.
  • + How long does it take to charge?
    Answer: Charge times vary depending on battery pack configuration and power supply (110 vs 220). Expect a charge time from four hours to six hours.
  • + Can it carry two people?
    Answer: Absolutely! There is enough space in the C-1 to carry yourself, your friend, and even a grocery bag or two... not bad for a "motorcycle".