This Week in Startups

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Entrepreneur, angel investor, and blogger Jason Calacanis has a video+audio podcast called This Week in Startups, where he talks to guests about the latest in the tech industry. He recently interviewed our founder Danny about Lit, spending an hour covering bootstrapping hardware, terrestrial applications of spacecraft technology, and motorcycle track racing—better known as “developing the C-1″. Check out the video link, or subscribe to the audio podcast via iTunes for the audio-only version. Watch all the way to the end for a sneak peek inside part of the Lit Vehicle Lab, led by CMO Ryan.



  • Charles Felton

    Great interview…good questions, good answers. Daniel….don’t you dare hold production until March.

    • Joe Byrne

      March 2016 ? lol !

  • C-1 fan

    Every second brings us closer to C-1.

  • Mario EIBL

    Hi. We build light electric three wheeled vehicles for urban logistics and speed up to 45km/h. In EV its always the discussion about range. We are interested, if there is more information on the Lit motors energy management, especially the Energy demand of the gyroscopes/hour?

    • Lit Motors

      We’re not releasing that information publicly yet, but we will in the future.


  • Pablito Greco

    Nice interview.