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  • Julian

    Really? This will be the new design? And this is the work of your new designer Diego? I am really disappointed, I have to say.

    Not only does it look like a crippled dolphin in the front, but the weight also is shifted towards the back to much. (Like tearing out the front wheels of a Smart and reattaching them half a meter in front of it. How succesful was the Smart in the States? There you have it.)

    I know that this “inversed shark fin” is a thing now, but I don’t like it. (Like at the DS3.)

    And where have the lights in the front gone?

    I liked your earlier design (of the prototype, not your customer mockup) because of the clear lines. Because you did not need to “invent” some funky bends to create something special. And because of the power the wide and big wheels had. Please keep them – don’t let anyone tell you that the wheels had to be slim… It just looks ridiculous – look at the i3…

    You want to create an affordable vehicle that also is good for the environment? Keep it simple!

    Greetings from Germany,


    PS: Don’t mess up the production date again. Customers don’t like being fooled around with… Better not to name a date than postponing it again and again and again.

    • J Winius

      My view is somewhat less negative and more philosophical. Drawings and prototypes almost never make it to the production line: the point where idealism must reach a compromise with reality. I consider the C-1′s appearance to be of secondary importance or less. If the company can produce a vehicle that fits the basic description they’ve given over the past few years, then I’m sure I’ll want to drive it.

    • Haqi Jamison

      I AGREE COMPLETELY, The first design was more attractive with the lights. This does not work at all.

    • Doc in Utah

      Hey . . I love my all electric SMART CAR. It’s the cheapest TESLA car you can buy at $26K . (the motor and batteries are from TESLA if you didn’t know). . BUT, I’ll agree with you on design and pushing the production date back. And then back again. I mean geeesh. What’s the hold up?

  • LPH

    I like the new look, Before it looked like a marshmallow on a stick, now it looks like something people will gawk at. Like the idea of more space inside. That was one of my biggest concerns.

  • Joe Byrne

    I cant help feeling that a lot of deposit holders will be disappointed by the new direction in design, after all ,they did reserve expecting the beautiful original lines …

    • Frederick Faller

      I don’t want to watch a company grow I want to see a vehicle, sell it to Elon Musk to GET IT DONE

      • Russell Allen

        Exactly! — Elon Musk would’ve made this monkey dance at least by now! — I wish I could convince Elon to focus on more critical everyday consumer items like this C2 instead of wasting BILLIONS to go to Mars(?)!

  • Jason C

    You Will Lose ME as a customer if you go with this design. I was looking for a clean-lined, intelligent, modern, green commuter. The old model looked a bit marshmellowish which wasn’t very flattering but I liked the clean lines a lot more.
    This new Aggressive look is on the other side, more of what I would NOT like: New-age, wannabe cool looking, Either TRon like or fierce, speed racer. I don’t need to be macho driving a safer smaller foot-printed vehicle that can be a stealth-ninja whenever I want, but i’m driving a vehicle stable enough to use only 1 front and 1 back wheel, making it easier to get through traffic, fit into motorcycle parking spots (with a little side room), and is economically sound. Being good on the environment is a sweet addition.

    I am a male. I am not very conservative. I find the new look too young-kiddish like and not “cool” enough to try out for the first time.

    Seriously, change the design!

    -possible customer-

    • Haqi Jamison


  • Are you sure?

    The front should to be closer to a triangle. Think X-ACTO knife.

  • Jason C

    It looks like a weird seagull ” ÷¬≤ ” … it would look better like ” ¬≤ “

  • Steven Rounds

    I’m not too concerned about the latest concept drawing…look at how the wheels are off-center from the tires. I’d consider this more of a quick sketch of a design alternative. I’d have worried less about the background color fade and spent more time centering the wheels. One suggestion though…the angle change on the underside of the black “beak” is inelegant. I’d prefer a smooth curve on the beak underside. And have you looked into the 5hp/lb hub motors I suggested?

    • StevieV

      no way are they doing Hub Motors. To change a tire is miserable – The hub motor thing is here and gone from what I understand.

  • nemo295

    Wow, for Lit to be going back to the drawing board on the design at this late stage does not bode well. They should have settled on a design years ago. At this point I have serious doubts that Lit can ship the C-1 before it runs out of capital.

  • Christian

    I’m sorry, but this new design just kills it for me. The original design was very cool! This looks like a weird Honda or Kia trying to be cool. It is not cool. I would absolutely love to buy one of these when they come out, but not like this. Keep trying!

    • Thomas

      .Why would they even be discussing a redesign of the body in 2015,when the vehicle still isn’t capable of being driven at real world speeds ,its now 2017,. Lets be fair,Lit has only had a couple of low speed drives of the vehicle,and that’s more of a show and sell,then anything else, its still far away from doing any type of track testing,real world driving,years away from any serious talk of production,.I’m in no way knocking him,I love what they are doing.,but its clear a body design is not the problem that needs to be addressed

  • Tim

    This is bad in many ways. Please don’t try to look like a 2-wheel Citroën. I liked the clean design in the previous versions better.

  • George Star

    I don’t give a fuck what it looks like. When will it be available??? Looks like they’re doing an Aptera – stalling for time.

  • Disqusor

    This new design is just PERFECT !!!

  • Dude McGnarly

    Suggest LM stop paying for things that don’t contribute directly to producing the vehicle. The styling of a vehicle that isn’t being produced is irrelevant.

  • Jonathan Cretsinger

    Keep the basic frame, but if you wish to be creative on the look, how about being creative with attachable/detachable skins? Below the outer skin, have a solid frame with a inner molded skin where the outer skin can be popped into place with with either some sort of clip or better yet very strong earth magnets along the inner protective shell to hold the skin firmly in place. When needing to remove it, flip a switch that will release the skin. Suggest a thin membrane between the earth magnets inflate to pop them off or some sort of other mechanism such as pulling the frame magnets way a bit to loose contact with outer shell. Each connecting point can be disengaged with a bit of force but when all of them are connected, will bond the outer skin tightly. Just a thought. This way the engineering team can focus on the guts of the machine while the design team can focus on the outer look of attachable/detachable skins. At some point you could offer a web page to the customers to allow them to create their own custom skins and have them manufactured separately from the core unit. Similar to what Google did with their Motto phone. When you have plenty of savings in the bank from selling many of these units, then you can focus on next years models. One could have screw joints to expand the length/width of the unit and then move to the sub set skins to fit that locked in range of settings. New models at sometime could be a two seater.

  • Billy Ray

    Keep the original design and provide for driver and one passenger. I don’t care for the new design at all ! Allow for and open cockpit feel as well so we can “feel” the wind in our face. Keep the original design and get the C-1 to market and on the road so that your potential customers can see and believe and then of course purchase.

  • George Star

    This will never see the light of day. They’re following the Aptera path to oblivion. They’re suckering in more “investors” before going under. They must have Steve Fambro on board.

  • villiers

    So this is the new design for something that doesn´t exist!

  • Mrgsxr

    I believe they are gonna have more then just one model, like a “S” model and base model, etc.

  • Mrgsxr

    The newer design here is ok, but a lower roof line, and a front tire protecting bar of some sort is needed, most small accidents come from following to close, unless this thing has a front camera and braking assist that is.

  • John S.

    Looks fantastic! Keep it up! I love EV’s, especially “AEV’s.”

  • Wayne Forkum

    So is this a C-2?

  • Alexis Lee

    ugh….what happened to the cool version? Seems like this project is never going to happen. why did design change? what is really going on with this project and those whom paid a deposit? Are you refunding deposits for those whom paid for the original concept?

  • l’oncleb

    It seems as though the really important bits to worry about are under the skin – agreed that it’s slightly over-styled now . . . . In essence, the design probably needs another couple of iterations!

    However, am very excited about the vehicle as a whole. I do hope they do not run out of money!

    One distinct advantage LIT has are its use of gyroscopes to stabilise the machine – with them, it solves the problem of it’s more expensive Swiss competitor: the MONOTRACER produced by the company Peraves

    The swiss have been working on their cabin motorcycle since the 1980s. To make its own a good one, I hope LIT takes the time to make its first production run a stonking success!

    Looking forward!!

  • skepticalbeliever

    The new design looks great and is up to par with current design elements from Audi and BMW making it quite classy and futuristic looking. It looks muscular and sophisticated rather than bland and egg-like which some other electric vehicles sadly tend to be. The new design could easily sport a BMW or Audi emblem and fit right into their line up of vehicles. The new age of electric vehicles should be cool looking!
    One suggestion that I would make which Lit motors probably already has considered is to try contacting some of the larger established motor companies to see if they would be interested in a joint venture to speed things along rather than reinventing the wheel from step one. The larger companies have infrastructure, production, and marketing already in place, and with their resources they could greatly assist in bringing the Lit motorcycle faster onto the market. A company like Honda who already makes motorcycles and other vehicles could take the design and ramp it up. With their wealth of engineering teams and designers, it could be a very successful Lit/Honda venture rather than something you just hear and see about on the internet with years of waiting time for a commercial product. Even with Kickstarter funds, the costs to bring a vehicle to market must be quite expensive. Having that big brother with the knowledge and experience behind them could shave years off bringing this to market.
    I think you would just need to source the right company that would be willing to work with you to keep your identity while nurturing your ideas. Maybe even a company like Xiaomi which recently purchased Segway for the patents might be someone to approach. Fabrication ultimately ends up in China to lower costs, but at the same time you have to be careful with the rampant copycat China problem that is ever present.
    One other suggestion might be to make the Lit motorcycle compatible with the current distribution of Supercharger stations that Tesla has set up. If the charging outlet can be made compatible with the Tesla system from the start, it might give your vehicle an already established charging station foundation around the country.

    • Steven Rounds

      As a result of the lack of new details about the AEV’s (C-1) physical progress towards completion, with just “concept drawings” being shown, and because of the Lit founder’s injuries, I have asked for and received a full refund of my deposit on my C-1 (#686). I have now lost confidence that an actual product will be produced in a timely manner. I will be still interested in buying one, WHEN it is actually available, but I didn’t want to risk my money on something that has, in my estimation, less than a 50% chance of being anything other than vaporware. I’m really sorry that I had to make that decision…

  • David Means

    Too cool for school. Love the design.

  • Rob

    Designs change as fashion dictates and the motor industry is no stranger to the impacts of fashion. It’s imperative that the industry keeps up and creates fashionable vehicles, that’s what attracts us to them. This just shows that Lit are not being left behind and are still pushing the boundary’s. I love this new design, it would be a disaster for Lit to put out a vehicle that looks like it’s 5 years out of date.

  • zombie

    The new angles seem less mature. The
    older design was elegant and simple with well proportioned
    curves. Hopefully, these changes have improved/added functional
    quality enough to balance loosing the aesthetics of the earlier
    design. reminds me of a scooter now. still want one bad

  • Stephen Blyth

    Please bring the sexy back!!!

  • Trish Haskins-Koch Moreland


  • manueljmota

    Please keep it simple. the original design was better. Maybe just work on more sophisticated headlights and streamline the body a bit (less bubbly). I would like to suggest also that I think that scissor doors would be more efficient for two reasons. one, what good is it to be able to park between cars if you can’t get out. Two, it keeps the center of gravity on top of gyroscopes using less energy to balance the c-1. Not to mention that they look f%@**ing awsome!.

    Anyway, love this thing, can’t wait to get one, good luck. Don’t pay attention to negative comments, people have no idea of how much time and hard work it takes to reinvent the conventional. This vehicle is a game changer so good luck, Just keep on keeping on.

  • Paul Merrill

    When i first discovered the C-1 concept online years ago, i was very impressed and hopeful for its development and gradual improvements, and i carefully read everything about the C-1 on the website and the internet. But now, after these years of waiting, i have serious concerns about the direction the design of the C-1 has taken, and want to offer these observations and suggestions to Lit Motors :

    1. OBSERVATION : Lets be accurate as to exactly what type of vehicle this IS and stop suggesting it as something else. This is an enclosed MOTORCYCLE. It is NOT a car, and thus should not be expected to be as versatile as a car. One of the major benefits of a motorcycle is its lighter weight and compact, short-length size for easier maneuverability and parking, but the ideal, SAFEST form of a motorcycle is a ONE-person vehicle, with a possible limited-edition longer TWO-person version.

    3. SUGGESTION : OPEN UP to the interested internet public and enthusiastically WELCOME them to submit any design ideas and details; any of these can very possibly significantly improve the function and/or form of the vehicle. The house designer should and will always get the major designer credit, but for any other ideas that are also implemented into the final design, those designers should also be given fair credit. That results in a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN outcome : a reputation WIN for the company for being inclusive of the public, a WIN for the designer, a WIN for design contributors, and a WIN for customers, which consequently get a better product. But as it is now, Mr Kim is apparently accepting only ideas of his own and his designer.

    OBSERVATION : Its proper and wise for a vehicle company to have an in-house
    designer, but if he /she designs without seriously considering designs
    ideas from other sources, INCLUDING potential customers AND others
    interested in the success of the C-1, what results is a single final or
    near-final 2015 design that looks like the latest from Lit Motors, which most
    people posting on this blog clearly DISLIKE (including myself).
    It is absolutely grotesque, and actually worse than the bubbly Dr Seuss type of design originally from Mr. Kim. And that is an HONEST, NON sugar-coated assessment.

    4. SUGGESTION : Give more attention to the reality of Contemporary Commuter Vehicle Design and what potential customers really NEED and WANT. In your next newsletter include a one-page CUSTOMER SURVEY, which would welcome customers to “Please check-mark the check boxes below to your preferences so that these will be considered in our design process”. :


    BODY STYLE : # Racer /Agressive # Utility /Rugged
    # Retro /Nostalgic # Contemporary # Futuristic
    # Conservative # One-Seat # Two-Seat (longer)
    # Hard Top # Convertible ….etc.

    TIRES : # Large # Medium # Small #Colored
    # Wide # Medium Wide # Narrow ….etc.

    WHEELS /HUBS : # Chrome # Polished Alloy # Carbon Fiber

    COLORS : # Pristine White # Electric Blue # Sunset Yellow
    # Neon Red # Silver Smoke # Gloss Black # Matte Black

    I welcome a response also from Mr. Kim (and his designer), but i doubt he would want to, as he hasnt yet, after posting to him more than once before, months ago.

    • Doc in Utah

      Geeesh . . . all of this accessory and models crap only complicates things. Start with one model, a few colors, a few radio choices and get the damn thing in production.

  • Nonni

    The old design was more mature. This profile is too short on the front – putting all the “gravity” at the back. ( Hope you remember to include wiper-blades on the front. I live in “Raincouver”)

  • Bill Burgess

    So I have been busy writing three of a series of 11 books…I see we are now reduced to chain drive(Not even a BMW Drive shaft) and a big commitment to the new designer body…Which at your current rate of production will be obsolete before the paint dries on the first mockup…And even though it was suggested in 2010 to just get a conventional chain drive unit in production and tweak as the money comes rolling in you have been swayed by the lure of Fame and cultural morbidity to do the corporate shuffle…I imagine just extending the wheelbase the 6″ and adding the second door was just too easy…Even the Idea of a removable charging pod over the rear wheel was thrown out before anyone considered making it a serial Hybrid…Still…a great Idea and a huge market…In Industry, the hourly workers have a term for the problem…Time to Kill the engineer and get the damn job done…..

  • Марио Баниага

    Love the new design much much better

  • Марио Баниага

    Love the new design much much better. Don’t know what everybody is whining about the old body was dull and boring just plain sheet metal wrapped around a motorcycle. This has nice modern design that a vehicle like this should have. I actually would be embarrassed to be seen in the older one. This even has a rear view glass window how can this not be a better design

  • Gr4ck3L

    Looks good LIT. Keep it comin’.

  • David LÊ

    I would like this design, but you’ve made great job !

  • Hellbent

    I like the original design much better. Jesus, nobody’s commented in over a year? I hope thats not a bad sign.
    The only thing I like about the new design over the original is it has a windshield wiper. Where’s the left side door? I hope they haven’t went to a one door design like the Elio. Bad move. That would look too cheap for a 24k or a 10k vehicle. The reduction in weight would be insignificant, off balance and dangerous. It’s unwise to have only one way in or out of anything. A 2nd door doubles as a fire or safety escape in the event one door jams up. Maybe that whole side opens up? It does look like a door handle in the rendering. I would actually like both doors to be easily removable on nice sunny days (like a jeep) for that (in the wind) motorcycle effect in a car on 2 wheels.

    • Lit Motors

      The production C-1 will have all of the amenities available in a car. We are currently in development, and will be able to provide more information about the final features as we get closer to manufacturing.

  • Mike g

    When will I see these on the road?

    • Lit Motors

      Dear Mike,

      We are currently in development, and are in talks with potential partners to expedite bringing the C-1 to market. We will be able to supply a more detailed timeline as soon as we secure a manufacturing date.

  • Thomas

    I wonder why they feel the need to have a motorcycle that is basically fly by wire.? It appears they are using the gyros to control the lean angle of the motorcycle full time. If the gyro’s are controlling the vehicle full time ,its going to feel like your driving a 2 wheeled car,doesn’t seem very exciting.You would be better off,just putting 3 or 4 wheels on a narrow track chassis and lose the gyro’s all together.. Motorcycles do a great job as designed,they are easy to maneuver,the handle pretty well under normal driving conditions.So why.not use the the gyros as a part time auto balance, stability control,with outriggers as a backup, fail safe mode and as a way to service ,park the motorcycle [enclosed motorcycles need more than a kickstand,a side wind will blow it over,the body acts like a sail when parked ] .Use the gyro’s when condition’s warrant their use, at low speeds,stopping,wet,icy,or if the bike is deemed unstable [strong side wind,off center,etc ] you could also use airbag sensor technology,if the vehicle is impacted and the computers says,the parameters are right,then run the gyros to full speed,,deploy side bags,etc thus keeping the bike upright,rather than have a 1000 + lb flying projectile with you in it.I think Lit needs to rethink it goals,and get back to building a economical,safe,fun commuter vehicle It needs to [at least for the time being ].lose the complexity of a full time gyro controlled motorcycle and get these vehicles into the hands of owners.