Daniel Kim - Founder & CEO

As a native of Portland, Oregon, Dan’s foundation in transportation began in science at Reed College in Physics and Biology. His creative drive was nurtured in Architecture at UC Berkeley, finishing at the Rhode Island School of Design/MIT with a major in industrial design and sustainable transportation.

His professional background in transportation began as a Land Rover mechanic at age 21. Saving money to travel the world for a year with a fierce determination to learn, Daniel toured 108 cities, 28 countries, and four continents sampling all forms of transportation from the CDi Smart cars to the Shinkansen. He traveled alone in both modern and third world countries, returning to the US in 2003. At 23 years old, in response to America’s SUV craze, Dan, in the spirit of the DIY movement, started a car production company. Aspiring to design the perfect SUV, he redesigned, engineered, and assemble two bio-diesel SUVs in a tandem production run. Assembling a small team, Daniel’s leadership improved the efficiency from 15 mpg to 31 mpg in these all-time, four-wheel-drive, 2.5 ton trucks with the aerodynamics of a brick.

Danny’s 8 years of experience in vehicles architecture, prototype development, and team building encompasses all forms of transportation ranging from electric scooters to titanium bicycles.