Observations of BMW’s Self Balancing Concept, from the Godfather of Modern CMGs


David Bailey’s Observations of the BMW Concept Reveal

David Bailey on the Advantages of CMGs Over Reaction Wheels

  • John Walters

    I am an avid motorcyclist currently and instantly put my money down when Lit hit the scene as the concept – if ever brought to market – is a great leap forward in fuel efficient transportation for all types of weather. That said, the timeline for coming to market with these bikes has not been established even to this date and that is frustrating for those of us who were early advocates and supporters. When is Lit going to give us a true date for these magnificent bikes to be produced? BMW is going to beat you to market and that will pretty much end your dreams if you do not get realistic and meet some deadlines. You have so far over promised and under produced and I for one am growing impatient. Instead of trying to discredit BMW you should be trying to figure out if they have an idea you should include in your version.

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Dear John, thank you for your support! We understand your frustration, and are working towards securing a manufacturing date so that we can provide a more detailed timeline. We are, however, not attempting to discredit anyone. CMG gyroscopes are our specialty, and we would love to create a discussion about the technology involved in creating a self balancing two wheeler.


  • Abdulla AlRemeithi

    am already upgrade my pre-order with LITMOTORS , but it look like i have to wait ,if there is way to us to get lit as custom made till it pass all approval to come to market so we can give feedback as a real owner , always first production make you pass to next level ,i think the establishment date is still open by Lit ,the market is open for all , and i want to have it before it comes to market.

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Thank you for your support, Abdulla! We are planning to hold test drives to show our appreciation to and receive feedback from our pre-order community. Please let us know if you have any additional questions at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!


  • sinologue

    I don’t believe we have paid for the pre-order in the hope of LITMOTORS becoming a very good critique.

  • JanS

    i have a reservation on a LIT C1 for about 5 years now still hoping you will manage real production.
    As to your comment two remarks:
    -LIT claimed in the past that the C1 could be driven with a license for a car so why compare the engine with a possible future motorcycle. It is a totally different market.
    -if LIT sees the future BMW ‘s balancing concept as a threat and still thinks her concept is far better why not cooperate with BMW to get economies of scale and fasten time to market for the C1

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Thank you for your support since the beginning, JanS! We are excited to see another company potentially creating a self-balancing two wheeler, and wanted to create a discussion about the technology used in making this possible. We welcome new competitors, and are open to collaboration. In fact, we are currently considering partners to expedite bringing the C-1 to market!


  • titanus

    Then again, David, everything BMW claimed could be based on them making an offer to buy LitMotors? Never know….

  • Robert Rolapp

    I believe in your idea for the first product. However, hurry!!! It is only a matter of a few years before crappy similar products can get market share and advanced funding that can later sweep a market regardless of where the best technology is implemented. Hopefully you’ll have wheelchairs, bicycles, walkers, etc. out a year or so after initial release. Stay young!

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      We are excited you share our vision, Robert! And we are currently considering partners to bring a quality C-1 to market as soon as possible. While we are now 100% committed to bringing the C-1 to market, we do have ideas in our product that we will consider releasing in the future.


  • Dean Miller

    I have said this several time on different forums & I keep saying it.

    I’m waiting for Lit to have C-1′s on the street before ordering one.

    Until then I’ll be waiting in my Model X which I might add I reserved in 2012 came 3 years late.

    Just Ship it. Make them by hand in the beginning if you have to. That’s what Tesla did with the Roadster.

    To ship is to choose. You cannot put every feature in the first iteration.

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Hi Dean,

      We appreciate your input, and are 100% committed to bringing the C-1 market. Quality is a priority for us at Lit that cannot be rushed, and we are working on our next EP-5 prototype to ensure the robustness and driving experience of our production vehicle. We are currently considering partners to expedite bringing the safest and highest quality C-1 possible to market.


  • Charles Clarke

    I appreciate your caution and I understand some of the downsides of releasing early, particularly in the US. Many other innovative transportation companies have released prototypes for testing in the market — I had prototype 540 of the Lotus Elise. I’m sure you could find some willing Beta test engineers out there.

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Hi Charles, thanks for your understanding! We have plans to rigorously test the C-1 before bringing it to market, and are currently working on our next prototype to ensure the robustness of our production vehicle.


      • Charles Clarke

        I am in New Zealand — it is the perfect place to test something like the C-1 — we have every type of surface, decent race tracks and temperatures between -14C to +30C with very few natural hazards (except earthquakes). Plus the population density is relatively low and there are enough weird and wonderful DIY rigs on the roads like V8 trikes, to negate the need for camouflage. Also there is significant technical ability here, and some very capable people. Just saying!!

  • Jacek

    How about Apple? They have loads of cash, massive engineering force, and the were looking for new awesome product. I bet that C-1 can be easily equipped with self driving capability. That will be a perfect commuting pod.

  • charles melton

    I have been following the progress of lit motors since 2011, and a few other concept trikes as well. It seems as if they hit a brick wall just before production is set to begin….at least in the U.S. I am wondering in each case whether or not it is a legality issue with either D.O.T. or patent rights. The not knowing the direct answer to this question has perplexed me. So many good ideas are being shut down by someone or something. I don’t know.
    Another suggested to partner with BMW to get things rolling. What a horrible idea. They are not the innovators people think they are. When they make flash programming a huge inconvenience (60A surge during programming), you know they are trying to lock people out of the market they so selfishly covet. There are thousands of other examples of intentionally flawed engineering I can reference, being a certified master auto mechanic for 25yrs. Dodge tried partnering with dahmler benz, and got inferior computers with a new, defective bootloader every 2 yrs added to the mix so no one could flash the ECMs that were dieing left and right. Let’s face it…..we should keep the germans away from any such cool engineering like lit motors, lest they sabotage it and turn around and sue them for “breach of contract”.

  • Eric Zachary Ryder

    Old blog! My comment is that Acrimoto is coming out in a few months with their three wheeler EV that does 0-60 in 7.5 secs and has a 130 mile range and a top speed of 80mph. Seats two comfortably, motorcycle style, and can be enclosed in a shell. All for exactly half the price of the C-1. $11,900.

    • Dan of Lit

      Yes. I know Mark pretty well. We wish them well. I believe they had a pretty successful private IPO. If your looking for a 2-3 wheeled vehcile without a gyro. I suggest buying from Archimoto!

      • Eric Zachary Ryder

        I’d love to see your C-1 take off. Why haven;’t you done a Reg A IPO thing? Or are you planning to? Arcimoto pulled in like $20m.