March 2014 Newsletter

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Read our March 2014 newsletter, including updates on our current prototype build and latest round of fundraising in Forbes Magazine!

  • inthedmv

    I commute to work on a motorcycle, and the C-1 is very interesting because it addresses some of the biggest drawbacks to motorcycling to work which are extreme heat/cold, rain and having to get geared up to ride and then change into appropriate clothes at work. However, I am curious if anyone on the dev team is a motorcyclist? For example, I have seen several claims about lane splitting, but the only place that is legal in the entire country is in California. Another commenter on this blog raised a spot-on question about tires and how quickly they need to be replaced on bikes compared to cars. Also, how will the C-1 be treated for licensing and registration purposes? Y’all are on the right track, and I can’t wait to see this in production.

    • Tim Kelly

      I have to say, I don’t like the idea of promoting lane splitting. We don’t have it in PA and, for my money, that’s a good thing. I think it would just make the roads less safe. I bicycle like I drive (the John Forrester approach) and I certainly would drive a C-1 as I would my regular car. Anything else would just lead to bad blood with traditional drivers.

      • Lit Motors

        Lane-spltting can be performed dangerously and can be performed safely. Even just slowly filtering forward at a red light or in gridlock can save significant amounts of time. There is the ever-present danger of getting doored or cut off, but lane-splitting is not something to be taken lightly.


      • prostovanka

        Look up statistics about lane splitting and you might change your mind.

    • Lit Motors

      Yep, our founder Danny is an avid motorcyclist, as are several members of the team. Over half the team are active cyclists as well, so we’re very familiar with the needs and dangers of navigating the city on two wheels.

      As noted below, lane-splitting can be performed safely, but is not something to be taken lightly. We’ll release more information about tires and tire longevity as we near production, as well as specifics about licensing and registration.

      And thanks for the support—we appreciate it!


  • joshzzz

    When do you expect the first commuter vehicles to be made available to the public? I’m very excited about this vehicle but may purchase an elio motors vehicle while waiting for your vehicle to be made available. I prefer electric much more but even though their’s is gas powered it does get 84 miles per gallon.

    • Lit Motors

      Our current target is to begin production at the end of this year. We’re accepting pre-orders at


      • Evan Langlois

        I just want to note that this says ‘end of this year’ but a year ago. So, we’re over 9 months late and no indication as to any sort of manufacturing deal even in the works. What gives?

        • Lit Motors

          We are working on engineering the best C-1 possible. While it has taken longer than we had originally anticipated, we will be giving test rides of EP-4, our latest prototype, to our pre-order community. We are currently working on EP-5.

  • Francis Borg

    Can you advise what is the total unladen weight of the kubo scooter. I am hoping that it is lighter than a normal scooter like a Vespa to load at the back of my small motorhome.
    Furthermore, if that is possibie, would it be feasable to charge the battery en route so to speak out of the 12V on the MH. It might make all the difference to my decision on the scooter other than the price.

    • Lit Motors

      The scooter will weigh approximately 150-200 lbs. That style of charging may be an option. More details to come in the future!


  • 2487mpobor .

    i really hope there will be no issue on importing this to Italy… this will solve all the problem i have for commuting.