Lit Motors Development Timeline


Lit Motors – Development Timeline AEVAi??

  • nemo295

    This isn’t a “timeline”. There are no estimated completion dates for the various stages nor is there a scale to indicate the estimated required time for each stage. Indeed, on the chart itself the title is “AEV Development Plan”, not “AEV Development Timeline.”

    • Lit Motors

      Hi nemo295,

      We are currently working on securing dates and will be able to provide more information as we get closer to locking down our supply chain.

    • Hellbent

      I emailed them and actually got a response. So that is a good sign. I didn’t learn anything. Lol. They referred me to the same Timeline graph we both already read. I’m still hopeful. I will definitely reserve my C1 the moment a real estimated production date is posted which I hope is very soon like perhaps before Christmas of this year. I’m hoping if I put 5k down I will get moved up to one of the 1st 50 in the queue. I wonder if they will even be individually numbered somewhere in the VIN?

      • Lit Motors

        We are always happy to help! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

        • Anon Raw

          Dear Lit Motors, it makes no sense to touch the subject of “additional questions” when you published a timeline without any indicator of time. At this point, it’s still just a line, not a timeline. What can you say you will have by 2017-07-01 and 2018-01-01?

          • Anon Raw

            So, no product, huh? Quite a shame, really: the idea seems sound, so it might be the business circumstances or the team that couldn’t bring it to fruition.

            I’m sure someone will come along in 3, 4, 6 years with fresh funding, a fresh team and make it work.

          • Dan of Lit

            Hey Anonymous, I highly recommend signup for our monthly newsletter for the latest updates like our drive-by-wire steering developments.

          • Anon Raw

            @Dan Hey Dan, so there’s a roadmap – with dates – in the monthly newsletter? When are the first 100 vehicles expected to be delivered to customers?

    • Anon Raw

      4 months later, still no dates.

  • Tina Q


    This is Tina from FunCtion Capital. We really like Lit Motor and our partner Lingyun Zhineng Technology Co., Ltd. wants to be your strategic partner or have some cooperation with you.

    Lingyun Zhineng will come to San Francisco this week. It will be great if we can schedule a meeting with you, or we can visit your office at your convenience.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Best regards,

  • John Shannon

    I’ve stated before that the VIC government in Australia will provide significant funding to retool existing automotive manufacturing plants, if local workforce can be deployed. GM, Toyota acquired $billion’s of funding and have since offshored their manufacturing.
    Tesla in consortium with other electric car manufacturers including BMW are building a supercharger network across Australia.
    It’s worth following up and will allow the C1 to come to market sooner.
    John Shannon

    • Lit Motors

      We are considering partnerships to expedite bringing the C-1 to market.

      • timo

        As part of those partnerships will LitMotors be enabling access to Tesla charging infrastructure? I want to be able to drive Sydney – Canberra – Sydney in a day.

        Please help me give up my Model ≡ reservation!

        • Lit Motors

          We are committed to building a C-1 that is capable of traveling long journeys. Because of the C-1′s high efficiency per kWh, this may be accomplished by enabling storage of extra battery packs or through the use of charging stations. It is important to us that when we do choose to use charging networks, that they are as accessible as possible. We will be able to provide more detailed information about our charging infrastructure plan as we get closer to production.