Lit on Bloomberg TV!

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Check out this great video on Bloomberg TV, featuring both the C-1 and kubo!

  • Herbie

    Will lit motors be hiring welders to fabricate the C-1 ?

    • Lit Motors

      Eventually, but we’re not hiring for those positions yet.


      • Herbie

        Thank you for your reply Ryan… I too share the same vision that lit motors has- The C-1 & the Kubo WILL change the way people commute- It would bring me great joy to be part of the team @ lit motors.Its my belief billions of C-1 ev’s will be driving on every continent.

  • Eddy Fuente

    Very interesting, I’ve been hooked ever since I first saw a video of this vehicle, I think that the price does pose a little problem it certainly defeats it’s purpose, I believe cutting the price in half is the way to go as it will more than quadruple demand. I for one will be on the waiting list ASAP. Another thing would be to add some more flashy colors. Regardless, I think it is a great invention and I’m looking forward to getting one eventually.

    • Tony Svanström

      You do realize that it isn’t possible to sell at a loss and make money anyways by selling more of them, right?

  • Allen Hu

    I believed the Motorhomers should be the very first owner willing to pay the price. And I am one of them for sure!