kubo on Fast Company Co.Exist!

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kubo is featured in a new article on Fast Company’s Co.Exist blog, including a discussion on the Kickstarter campaign and what will happen when the campaign ends. Check it out!

  • jswap

    I curse Kubo’s name for potentially dooming the C-1

    • Lit Motors

      kubo is developed by a separate team, with a separate budget, for what is technically a separate company. No “potential doom” here!


  • Da Fu

    What I think isn’t pushed enough about the Kubos positive traits is that it is foldable, possible to store inside the apartment! Few if any mopeds are able to match that. Perhaps scooters/ev kickbikes is also storable inside but they are too different as products.
    Foldable/storagable attracts me as a customer.
    Is it 2wd?

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Thanks! The folding scooter is still in development, but we agree that it presents a very useful added feature.

      And no, the scooters are not 2WD. The motor is in the rear wheel.