Introducing our electric scooter: kubo!

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kubo box - large

We’re very proud to introduce our electric scooter, kubo! (Say: koo-bo.) With a top speed of 45 mph and a range up to 50 miles per charge, kubo is a fun, unique way to get around the city. A “pickup truck on two wheels”, kubo has a 22″ square cargo space with a variety of rails, hooks, and loops to secure any cargo, from your daily necessities to a new iMac. And it’s 100% electric, with an on-board charger that can plug into any standard wall outlet and charge in a few hours. We’re launching kubo with a Kickstarter campaignai??i??check it out!






detail-tail light


detail-drivers POV






Potrero wide

  • Prescott Hill

    Wow! Nice to see this becoming a real thing. Congratulations and full speed ahead!

    • Lit Motors

      Thanks Prescott!! =)


  • Dick James

    Great looking prototype, great photos, great blog! Great job by the whole team!!

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  • Ed Bryson

    Can you imagine the possibilities with driver-less technologies!? Start building a business model for 2020.

    • Lit Motors

      Who says we haven’t already? =)


  • Juston Preble

    Perfect Pizza Delivery Vehicle…

  • Christine Woolgar

    Would love to be able to buy one of these here in the UK, wonder what the retail price would set me back if that were possible…..

  • john smith


    • Lit Motors

      Thanks for your interest, John. The Kubo is currently on hold while we focus on bringing the C-1 to market.


  • Manish Malik

    This was an amazing invention, Best of Luck…..

  • jswap

    “So where do we go from here? Well, we’re definitely continuing with kubo! The fundamentals of our plan remain unchanged: we’ll continue to raise money, hire a separate team (no impact on C-1 development!), and move towards production. The production timeline might shift a bit, but we’re definitely not shelving the project. It’s an awesome vehicle that people love, we just need to shift the marketing/sales strategy. Our current aim is to begin production in summer 2014. ” –

  • RSW

    Looks like no one’s home. This would have made the perfect bug out buggy. We were looking for a stealthy way to get around the city and yet carry a payload…………..bummer