We’re Happy to Announce a Technical Breakthrough in Safety and Stability!


Archived November 2016 Newsletter

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  • Steven

    This post has been up and empty for a couple of days. I am curious as to the content, when can it be viewed?

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you for letting us know! The latest newsletter is up and ready to be viewed. To receive the latest updates, please be sure to subscribe.


      • Steven

        Thank you! I am subscribed but I visit your site often as I am excited for an progress on the C-1. Best of luck to the team and know there are those of us cheering you on.

  • JD

    Could you please share the formula you used for arriving at the 550ft/lbs of torque your two gyros produce. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in self-balancing gyroscopes but not a lot of documentation on the math available.

  • http://geostphoto.com George Star

    For those of us who want to use it with an RV some kind of anti-theft securing/locking mechanism would be appreciated.