Happy 2015 from Lit Motors! – January 2015 Newsletter


Archived January 2015 Newsletter   and see our latest driving video right here.

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  • J Winius

    Will the C-1 be constructed using metric or imperial components?

  • Donny Wong

    good job!

  • Mike g

    They could sell the balance tech if all else fails.

  • Dan of Lit

    Mike, the answer is yes. There are about 63 patent filings surrounding the gyro tech, 26 of which have been allowed Int’l. These core patents and the AEV platform are a major distinction between Lit and many other EV startups who don’t have a strong patent portfolio or core tech.

    Your question is a typical investor securities question. It may be too late to invest though. Keep the questions coming, love to help.

    • Mike g

      I’m thinking balance units, from hobby craft size to car size. This could create a manufacturing and DIY market. Secure the code, scratch off the writing on the chips, put patent writing on the products. Polaroid did this with their Ultrasonic ranging units.

      -Just an idea.

  • Jacek

    Guys, two more ideas: 1) use gyroscope to aid breaking. Big advantage over other vehicles not even on ice. It may be better then ABS controlled breaking 2) Take a look at Bosh stability control invention. That may be well worth extra money even for system with a gyroscope. Aha, get well Daniel, this is not going to happen without you !