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About the C-1

What are the basic specs of the C-1?

We aim for the C-1 to have a top speed of 100+ mph (160+ kph), 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in <6 seconds, and a range of 200 miles (320 km) per charge. Dimensions: 800 lbs. (360 kg) curb weight, 112″ (2.8 m) long, 55″ (1.4 m) tall, 40″ (1 m) wide. As we are not yet at production, all figures are best estimates.Online Drugstore,cialis online mastercard ,Free shipping,purchase nolvadex,Discount 10%

How does the C-1 stay upright?

The C-1 is self-balancing, using two gyroscopes to keep the vehicle upright when stopped. The C-1 has “landing gear” which are deployed when parked to keep the vehicle upright. The gyros are fully controlled by the vehicle, enabling a steer-by-wire system that allows the C-1 to lean itself into and out of turns, maintaining stability at all times. And yes, it has a reverse gear!Online Drugstore,cialis online mastercard ,Free shipping,purchase nolvadex,Discount 10%

How does the steering work? Do I need to counter steer?

Like any two-wheeled vehicle, the C-1 leans into turns. At speed, the front wheel turns only slightly, and the turn is accomplished through the lean. However, the C-1 uses a steer-by-wire system. That allows it to have the familiar, intuitive interface of a car, while using two-wheeled turning dynamics. (You can even drive the vehicle in reverse!) This is where the gyro technology gets really interesting: the C-1 takes information from a wide array of sensors to determine everything that’s going on around it, from road surface conditions to wind to traffic. The vehicle is then able to take input from the driver – from the steering wheel and accelerator/brake pedals – and translate that into both movement of the front wheel and a precise lean angle to complete the desired turn. With a car-like interface and motorcycle dynamics, the C-1 will have a driving experience that is both intuitive and very unique—and very, very fun!

How much will the C-1 cost to own and operate? What maintenance will be necessary?

The C-1 has a very low parts count as compared to a typical car—approximately 1/10 the total parts and assemblies! Fewer parts means less and cheaper maintenance. We’ll release more specifics about maintenance in the future as we near production.

We’ll cover TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in much more depth in the future, but here are some very basic, preliminary numbers and comparisons:

Caveats: Prices are close, but may not be exact comparisons (certain fees may be included in some and not others). Cost per mile will vary widely by location, given local rates. Cost per year will also vary widely, given actual driving behavior. Maintenance is not included, and may change TCO significantly. For MPGe, we used the same simplified formula for each vehicle: MPGe = (33.7*range)/battery size. This simplified formula gives slightly different numbers from the EPA’s official (and much more complex) formula, but the relative comparison is valid.

Sources: US Energy Information Administration, US DOT Federal Highway Administration, Tesla Motors, Nissan USAZero Motorcycles

Is the C-1 electric? Does it use solar panels?

Yep! The C-1 is fully-electric, using high torque motors. This allows for a smaller, simpler body and quick, efficient driving. Since the C-1 is so small, solar panels would not generate much electricity. We’re instead looking at ways to partner with existing solar/wind providers to ensure your C-1 is powered with green energy.Online Drugstore,cialis online mastercard ,Free shipping,purchase nolvadex,Discount 10%

What are the safety features of the C-1?

Safety is one of our top priorities with this vehicle. The C-1 will have an unibody chassis with reinforced doors, seat belts, and multiple airbags. Further, the most important safety feature is our gyro stability system, which allows the C-1 to resist the forces of a collision. To enhance our gyro stability system, the C-1 also employs a combination of mechanical backups, which may include the same “landing gear” that keeps the C-1 upright when parked.

How much will the C-1 cost?

The base price of the C-1 will be approximately $24,000 USD. The effective price could be much lower, depending on available EV incentives in your area. We’ll release more details about available incentives as we near production.

Will I fit in the C-1?

We designed the C-1 to accommodate drivers from 5’ to 6’3”—however, we’ve had people up to 6’5” fit comfortably in our prototypes.

How much cargo can the C-1 hold? Can it carry a passenger?

In addition to the driver: the C-1 has enough space for an adult passenger and a small bag, or about the same amount of cargo you can carry on a plane (roller bag, briefcase, a few bags of groceries).

What can you tell me about the battery and charging?

We’re currently using lithium iron phosphate batteries. Given the modular nature of the C-1, we can easily upgrade to new battery technology as it comes to market (including on existing C-1s!). Because of the C-1′s small size, we only need a 10 kWh battery pack, which is supplemented with our patented KERS regen braking system, giving another virtual kWh.

The C-1 will feature an onboard charger, able to charge from any standard wall outlet (120V) in about six hours. Higher-voltage charging options will be available, yielding a four hour charge time from 220V outlets and an 80% charge in about a half hour from DC quick charge stations.

As with all EVs, the battery pack will eventually need to be replaced. However, since it is 1/3 – 1/8 the size of a typical EV battery pack, the replacement cost will be much, much more affordable. Online Drugstore,cialis online mastercard ,Free shipping,purchase nolvadex,Discount 10%

Will the C-1 be able to handle inclement weather? Off-road?

With our gyro stability system, the C-1 will handle similarly to a car in inclement weather. We are also working on bringing you an all-wheel drive version with our in-hub motor technology. And yes, we do plan to eventually develop different vehicles on the C-1 platform, including an off-road version.

What options or features will be available for the C-1?

Exact details will be released as we near production, but you can expect the C-1 to have all the same amenities you would expect in a car, including climate control, sound system, and much more!

Is there a warranty? Where will I go to service my C-1?

Details concerning service, maintenance, and  warranty will be released as we near production – but rest assured, we will stand firmly behind our vehicle.

How would the C-1 work with my commute? How would it save me time?

The C-1 is the ultimate in urban transportation. The small size of the C-1 allows you to park easily and slip through traffic, and many other advantages. If you live in the city, this could be your primary vehicle: with car-sharing services like Zipcar or traditional car rentals available when you need a larger vehicle or for an extended road trip. If you live outside the city, this could be your primary commuting vehicle, with a larger “family car” at home. This allows the commuter(s) in the family to travel in, around, and out of the city easily and efficiently, saving money and time every day.Online Drugstore,cialis online mastercard ,Free shipping,purchase nolvadex,Discount 10%

Is the C-1 street legal? What kind of license do I need?

The C-1 will be appropriately certified at the time of production. We are working to make sure that only a standard driver’s license will be needed, with no motorcycle endorsement required. We’ll share updates on our progress with that as we near production.

When will the C-1 be available in my country?

Exact details of our international distribution plan will be released as we near production. However, we are currently accepting pre-orders, which will be available to import to your country. We’ll release more details about registration and homologation in the future.

What can you tell me about EV incentives?

Curious about electric vehicle incentives in your locale? This list is not comprehensive, but a good place to start—and we’ll continue to update it with more countries as we research further. Don’t see your country listed here? Did we get something wrong, or miss an incentive? We appreciate your help—please let us know! Note that this is not a guarantee the C-1 will qualify for each of these incentives, but that’s our goaL!

Will the C-1 qualify for EV incentives?

Electric vehicle incentives are available in many areas. We’re working right now to make sure the C-1 will qualify for as many EV incentives as we can; we’ll release more details as we near production.

What will shipping costs be? Will you deliver outside of California?

Yes, the C-1 will be available for export worldwide. However, homologation and export/import process may delay when you receive your C-1. We’ll announce more about delivery and other details as we near production.

Didn't BMW already use the name 'C-1'?

Yep, they did (as did Chevrolet, Citroën, and a variety of others). “C-1″ is just a working name for our vehicle as we continue to prototype; it will change as we near production. On the other hand, “AEV” is our vehicle category name which stands for Auto-balancing Electric Vehicle ( ex: Prius is an electric vehicle or EV).

About Lit Motors

Can I visit Lit Motors? Do you offer public tours or test drives?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer public tours or test drives. We may offer this in the future and will publish more details if we do – keep an eye out for updates!

Are you a publicly-traded company? How can I invest in Lit Motors?

We are not currently a publicly-traded company, though we may move in that direction in the future. Due to federal regulations, we can only accept investment from SEC-accredited investors. If you qualify, please contact us directly and send us any further questions.

Are you hiring?

We’re currently seeking to fill a select few specialized, experienced roles. See more information on our careers page.

What can you tell me about the cargo scooter?

Our electric cargo scooter is currently on hold, while we focus 100% on bringing the C-1 to market.