Danny on Maker Camp


This past Tuesday, Danny participated in Maker Camp, a really great free summer camp from Google and Make Magazine to promote building, tinkering, and exploring. Check out the full video below!


  • Reto Amstad

    Hi It’s me again Reto… and I only ask again technical questions to the C-1…. I’m wondering about the gyro… Is the inner disc in vacuum ? Question is regarding maintenance… if this part is in vacuum a maintanance by my self would be impossible ! I heard that the maintanance from gyros in boats is about 7000$… how about the cost at C-1′s gyros ?

    • http://litmotors.com Lit Motors

      We can’t release details about our gyros yet, but we will in the future.


    • J Winius

      It’s difficult to imagine that the disks would not operate in a vacuum. E.g. one of the factors that limits hard disk performance is the heat produced at higher rotational speeds (10-15,000 rpm). The disks in the Lit gyros are much bigger in comparison, so without a vacuum (or excessive cooling) they would surely overheat when operating at the speeds I’ve seen described (7-12,000 rpm). The company have said that the gyros will be “encased in a compartment completely separate from the cabin and heavily sound-proofed” and that they “will be virtually undetectable in the cabin.” This points to use of a vacuum rather than cooling. As for maintenance, Lit have said that “the bearings *may* require servicing, but most likely the gyros will be virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting. They’re not a consumable product.” I.e. no worries.

  • http://www.pablitogreco.com/ Pablito Greco

    Out of sync, but still nice.

  • villiers

    So …. the software does no more than previous gyro assisted two wheelers managed to do throughout the last century: drive (slowly) around a (very large) circuit. The electric hubs have gone and the prototype is now chain driven (by a two stroke?). the original `demonstrator´ bodywork has been discarded and all that´s left is a basic frame with outriggers. And yet Danny Kim still takes every opportunity to promote his C-1 in front of appreciative audiences. But that´s OK! What should concern us is that Lit is still taking down payments for a production run in the last two months of 2014.

  • Mengke Chen

    Hi, I want to know if i reserve the C1 now, when I will receive it? I want to receive it in China, how much of it totally?