CES was awesome!

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What a week! Our first year exhibiting at CES was amazing. We couldn’t count the number of times we heard “this is best thing I’ve seen here!” from attendees, and we made some great contacts that will help develop our vehicles and our company. We managed to getAi??kubo on CNN/HLNAi??ai??i?? hey, it only involved carrying the scooter up a flight of stairs and nearly getting kicked out by the police! ai??i?? and TechCrunch, as well as a variety of other tech blogs. We’re looking forward to next year!

UPDATE: Also check out these great photos from our good friend George Krieger!

UPDATE, PART DEUX: Also check out this video from eHow tech!

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  • prostovanka

    CES 2014 was a bit of a disappointment for me because there weren’t any revolutionary products announced. The C-1 However is a revolutionary vehicle that I’d love to ride 1 day.

  • JG

    Talking about the police, the C-1 would make a great Cop vehicle.

    • Lit Motors

      It’s true! We’ve received a lot of interest from various police organizations.


  • Subramanya

    If you can get this under 5k$ then Bangalore will welcome you with 10000 units per month :-) that’s the condition of our traffic and need for a smart, compact and safe vehicle like this.

    • James Polk

      Too bad the material cost of the battery alone is $5k. Now add electric motor, electronics, airbags, gyroscopes,shell,glass,delivery, profits ++++

      • Lit Motors

        Our battery cost will be far under $5000—one of the advantages of such a lightweight, aerodynamic, efficient vehicle!


        • James Polk

          Thanks for correction. I thought lithium was around $500/kw at the moment. You guys would know better though. A $5k price point for the C1 is still not feasible for materials involved in building.

      • Dave Robertson

        Shame you dont actually think about something before you slag it off, The C1 will need less batteries than a car..
        More sales of units mean costs come down.
        When the Prius first came to the uk it was £30k its still £22-£26k 10 years on they dont shift enough units to bring the price down.
        Battery costs will drop performance will increase,

        Regardless of the maker Electric is going to get here wether you embrace it or not.

  • Jason Bullimore

    Who will be importing the C-1 in the uk ?

    • Lit Motors

      We can’t release that publicly yet, but we’ll let you know as we near production.


  • James Polk

    How long before a finalized prototype is ready? As a consumer, It’s hard to put a down payment on something that we aren’t even sure can drive over 15mph. Seems this is farther off than Q4, but I could be wrong.

    • Lit Motors

      Our current target is still to begin production at the end of this year. We’ll release an updated and more detailed timeline as we near production.


  • Felipe Dagort

    Please, come to Brazil. We need C-1 here! :-)

  • EofA

    Really excited to test drive one of these in the future. If I can’t be an astronaut, I might as well drive something that looks like a spaceship. Bravo!

  • Bryan Low

    Need any test drivers! ;) This is a dream commute vehicle for this LA architect and motorcycle enthusiast. With a 60 mile round trip commute through LA, I am pretty sure you made this for me.

    • Lit Motors

      Not yet, but we’ll let you know! =)


  • abu

    i’ll be waiting for this to come to Malaysia. Need this to avoid toll.

  • riceface

    24k is too much .. thats like buying a prius.. brand new.. come on be realistic, it needs to be 8 to 9k and 100 mile range.. then we are realistic.. the zero motorcycles has these specs

    • Lit Motors

      A motorcycle also has zero safety features and zero protection from the elements. The C-1 is a completely different vehicle from a motorcycle, so price comparisons will not be the same. The C-1 is also not a car—and won’t be stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot like a Prius would be.


    • Fred Greatorex

      Oh, sweetie, not really like a Prius. The plugin “hybrid” is more expensive, and way bigger. Unless your hauling 2 or 3 other people the C1 is the right size! Just do a quick survey committing and see how many driver only vehicles are cluttering up the road.

    • Lorde Justiceiro


      For me, worth about 18 k

    • Dave Robertson

      Shame the Zero is US only and a prius is £25000 in the uk with the stigma of a dog poo on your shoe, also the zeros range on the top bike is less than the C1 and costs the same with the CHAD fast charge system arround 19000US Dollars,
      You are trying to compare cars to bikes and Failing like a 5 year old who dosnt like a type of sweet cos they havnt tried it yet……Your argument is not valid without fact

  • paul

    Great vehicle, would love to ride for free in the summer, charging by my 12 solar panels that push 20 kWh in the batteries in a day :-)
    I am following this one!!

  • paul

    Just let me know when the first test ride can be made in the Netherlands!!

  • Paul Patterson Jr

    I would also like the price to come down. I’m thinking anywhere from 10-15k that would be a reasonable price. Dont get me wrong, I love the C-1 and the originality and outside thinking and all, but you also have to be realistic.
    If the price doesn’t make it down soon the company will be regretting all its short comings along with trying to pay for the financing with the cost and more worried about trying to stay afloat. I guarantee if you wait a year or two there will be a lot more auto makers out there selling a comparable C-1 for half the price.

  • RobertBoston

    I’ve held my C-1 reservation for over a year and really looking forward to delivery. Please consider tweaking the battery size up; the tech keeps getting better, and even an extra 2 to 4 kWh would add meaningfully to the usefulness of the C-1.

    • Lit Motors

      Though I can’t say much about specifics at this point, I can tell you that we’re much more committed to our 200 mile range estimate than we are to our 10 kWh battery pack size estimate.

      And thank you for your pre-order and your support! We appreciate it!


  • Thomas

    I hope they extend the wheelbase and enclose the front and rear wheels,taking maximum advantage available from the slick aerodynamic shape.The high speed bike racers[80 mph bicycle's]claim the looses from air entering the wheel area’s is critical.I hope in the final production version,nothing has been over looked.Most people don’t realize how much can be gained through the use of aerodynamics,I expect,even though batteries are still down in capacity,the C-1 with its good aerodynamics,goes a long way down the highway.

  • Dave Robertson

    Being an ex biker Due to an accident and having to drive a gas guzzling car around for local commutes to shops etc is a pain in the Butt. I saw your C1 from a link a friend posted and have been following your progress with great interest.
    As and when you get this in the UK I can see this taking off really well.
    I drive locally 10 to 20 mile trips and would travel to London occasionally (120 mile each way ), so current electric cars are out, as the range is pathetic, even for local trips…
    Your 200 mile range would easily fix this and give you a massive boost over the competition as they claim 100-150 kilometers and less at speed.
    From the Videos I have seen this is shaping up to be a game changer for the industry, and a wake up call to car manufacturers.
    Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing these on sale, i would certainly buy this at the end of my current car lease 2015.