AEV Aero Analysis – March 2015 Newsletter


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  • Steven Rounds

    What’s the name of the program you’re using for the aero analysis? It seems to give a more interesting view than other aero programs I’ve seen.

  • Steven Rounds

    Have you looked into the 5hp/pound hub motors I recommended to you? Does anyone at Lit ever look at the entries on this blog anymore? Since Ryan left, we don’t seem to get much info out of Lit.

    • J Winius

      Apparently, they do still reply to comments, but only on their Facebook page. I guess it’s just my tough luck that I don’t like that company.

      • prostovanka

        When did Ryan James leave Lit Motors and why?

        • Alan Westfall

          Good question!

  • flynsupr

    Design the C1 to work with and everyone wins