Evolution of Transportation

The intellectual evolution in transportation is adding diversity to a global ecology of vehicle architecture. It is very similar to Darwin’s finches. On each island the isolated biota creates a resource constraint dictating the evolved physiology of the each finch species. We are seeing a similar trend in the evolution of alternative transportation today. The resource constraints in transportation dictate the physical manifestation of contemporary automobiles. Traffic congestion, parking, emissions, range are all major factors in the evolution of alternative vehicles today. The mutations are less wheels, lighter weight, electric motors, and microcar architecture. The bottle neck of adoption in this matrix is all these constraints compromise two or three essentials enablers; safety, price, and utility. To lose any of the three elements render them unaffordable or not appealing. In the marketplace, there is no current option for a light, compact, safe, electric, affordable vehicle. This is the beginning of a postulation, What permutation of elements could exist in this space?

It is this logic that establishes design drivers where creativity can flourish and the solutions for the world’s problems met.